Did you find yours?

Its been so long, Im too much into this. I almost ended up pausing my life for this mentation only. I tried every knook and corner, passed through every road but Im standing there again, perplexed! Well, we’re here – What gives you happiness? Ya Im actually asking this question. The Happiness which endures. Okay, lemme mention this, its neither  about materialistic pleasures nor physical pleasures. Its about that long lasting spiritual happiness which satisfies your heart’s quench. Spouse, Money, Music, Food, Diamonds, Books, Sex, Gossiping, Shopping, Work, Job – Bleh!  These are just the measures to keep ourselves indulge with the temporary joy. I contemplate everyday, soon my heart will bloom. Its just like my heart waiting for its orgasm – whoa its cheesy. But how I will absorb that sheer satisfaction If suddenly boom one day Ill find this intense joy? Now I have developed a fetish desire for this intense happiness. Fingers crossed!  

Wish me Luck!